We’re an emerging, innovative demolition and civil services provider.


Combining our team of highly skilled demolition professionals with state-of-the-art equipment, Demolition Bros. bring a wealth of experience to every demolition project.

Our approach is holistic, considering all aspects of the project. Demolition Bros. are licenced and accredited to undertake demolition works spanning commercial, industrial and any other project – from strip out, detail and technical works to major structural, multi-storey projects. We are focused on innovative approaches to planning the demolition process, ensuring efficient execution of early works and facilitating a seamless project transition.
We are committed to maximising the beneficial reuse of all recoverable materials from our demolition works, ensuring these are handled appropriately to meet and exceed our recycling targets. Demolition Bros. collaborate closely with recycling facilities to offer the most effective waste management solutions.

Demolition Bros. maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any unethical or unsafe practices across our organisation. By adhering to the standards set by SafeWork NSW, we strive to establish and uphold the highest levels of safety at all our worksites.


Demolition Bros. is an efficiency-focused provider of excavation services and early works packages.

From complex basement excavations to detail and bulk earthworks, we have the people, equipment, and experience to prepare your site safely and efficiently for construction. We have a range of excavation solutions to suit projects of any scope – from boutique site preparation to complete shoring and piling packages.

Our excavation operations go beyond the requirements set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and are focused on maximising material recovery for beneficial reuse. Following ISO14001 guidelines, we have implemented policies and procedures that uphold the highest standards in controlling hazardous substances throughout our excavation operations.

Civil Services

Our comprehensive range of civil services encompasses various facets, and our meticulous processes and strategic planning ensure versatility from design to construction, providing you with end-to-end solutions.

The collective expertise of our experienced industry professionals empowers us with extensive industry knowledge. This knowledge has enabled us to successfully deliver a broad range of projects, encompassing earthworks, public domain works, and utilities and services,
From cut and fill projects to complete site preparation packages, Demolition Bros. effectively manage civil projects to effectively deliver on client requirements.


At Demolition Bros., we understand that land remediation and the proper removal of contaminated waste in alignment with sustainability practices and Australian standards are crucial for effective site preparation.

As an experienced remediation contractor, we prioritise safety and innovation to deliver streamlined early works packages involving the remediation of hazardous and contaminated waste.

Demolition Bros. effectively manages the remediation process in close collaboration with qualified consultants and EPA auditors to ensure a safe and clean site that is ready for construction. We operate in accordance with environmental protection legislation and government requirements to meet leading sustainability standards.

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